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We refund a portion of the sales commission
back to you with BeePointz cash back

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How do we do it?

As we don't employ a sales team, we can afford to give all our customers part of the commission paid to us by the insurer in the form of BeePointz - to see what this can buy you click here

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The online comparison services are owned and operated by Cavendish Online Limited.

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Life Cover
Life + Critical Illness
Legal & General

Our Price
You receive
Free BeePointz

Our Price
You receive
Free BeePointz

The above example of Life Cover is for a 35 year old non smoking healthy man with £300,000 of level cover for 30 years.
The Life and Critical Illness quote is for £300,000 of Life cover and £75,000 of Critical Illness cover.

Welcome to Bee Life

Insurance companies reward brokers for selling their policies by means of sales commission payments. The broker in turn uses this commission to incentivise and reward their sales force. At Bee Life, we don't have a sales force, so instead we use our commission payments to give you "Bee Pointz" cash back rewards which in turn you can exchange online for thousands of gifts at our website

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The online comparison services are owned and operated by Cavendish Online Limited.

How Bee Life works

Is my policy covered by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority and are both Bee Life and Save and Insure covered by the FCA?

Yes and Yes. Bee Life are an FCA authorised introducer to Save and Insure who in turn are directly authorised by the FCA. Further, all the insurers both Bee Life and Save and Insure introduce you to are authorised and regulated by the FCA. Any policy you purchase through this website is with your chosen insurer and not with either Bee Life or Save and Insure.

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How do you pay for the insurance policy?

Any policy you buy through Bee Life is in fact a policy that is contracted between you and the insurance company themselves. Bee Life and Save and Insure are brokers and thus act as introducers to the main insurers. Therefore each month by means of direct debit you will paying money to the insurance company you have taken the policy out with and NOT Bee Life.

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Is my life insurance as secure when buying it through BeeLife as it would be through a comparison site or the insurer themselves? 

Bee Life is in fact a comparison site. We have access to the very latest prices from most of the U.K’s leading life insurers. Once we have secured the best price for you we connect you directly with your chosen insurer and you can complete the sign up process with them. Your contract is with the insurer and not Bee Life. You will never pay any money to Bee Life.

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So I am tied in for 4 years? 

Absolutely not. You can leave the insurance policy at any time, however if you do so, Bee Life will cease awarding any further Bee Life reward points.

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What happens at the end of 4 years? 

  • You can carry on paying your monthly direct debit to the insurance company but remember you will be no longer continue to receive any further Bee Life points.

  • You can stop the insurance policy all together

  • You can shop around for another policy


  • You can ask Bee Life to quote you for another policy benefiting from further Bee Life points.

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